have our children for aqiqah?

Aqiqah is slaughtering of animals (goats) on the day of the baby’s hair is shaved, and is disyari’atkan by the worship Almighty God through the Prophet. In his sayings which reads “every child born is supported with the Aqiqahnya killed him on the seventh day (from the date of birth), shaved and given the name.” (Narrated by Abu Dawood, al-Turmudzi and Ibn maajah).

Akikah (Arabic: ةقيقع, transliteration: Aqiqah) which means to disconnect and hollow out. In language, “Aqiqah” means cut. The origin of the origins of the animal’s neck with a river because of the slaughter. There is also a saying that ‘ aqiqah it originally was: hair found on the baby’s head when he came out of the womb of the mother, the hair is called ‘ aqiqah, because he should be shaved. As for the meaning in Shari’ah is an animal that is slaughtered to make up for the baby to be born.

have our children for aqiqah

Propositions of implementation

From Samurah Ibn Jundab she said: the Messenger of Allah said: “all children with tergadaikan baby hikmah aqiqah surabaya nya that on the day of the seven slain animals (goats), named and shaved her hair.” [NARRATED by Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi, Nasa’i, Ibn Majah, Ahmad]
From Aisha said: the Messenger said: “baby boy diaqiqahi with the same two goats and a baby girl one goat.” [NARRATED By Ahmad, Tirmidhi, Ibn Maajah]
“The kids were tergadai (stuck) and aqiqahnya, killed the animal for him on the seventh day, shaved his head and was given the name.” [Ahmad]
From Salman Ibn ‘ Amir Al-Dhabiy, he said: Rasululloh said: “the birth of a baby because Aqiqah, then kill the animals and hilangkanlah all the distractions from it.” [Bukhari]
From ‘ Amr Ibn Shuaib from his father from his grandfather, the Messenger of Allah said:
“Whoever among you who want to slaughter (the goat) because of the birth of a baby then let him do to two male goats and the same for women one goat.” [NARRATED by Abu Dawood, Ahmad, Nasa’i]
From ‘ Aisha RA, he said, “the Prop

het never ber ‘ aqiqah for Hasan and Husayn on the day of his birth, he commanded that naming and removed dirt from his head (shaved)”. [Narrated by judges, in Al-Mustadrak juz 4, p. 264]

Description: Hasan and Husayn are grandchildren of Prophet Muhammad.

From Fatimah bint Muhammad Hasan, childbirth he said: the Messenger of Allah said: “Cukurlah hair and bersedekahlah with silver to the poor weighing scales in his hair.” [NARRATED by Ahmad, Al-Tabaraani, and al-Bayhaqi]
Abu Buraidah-Zubair: Aqiqah was killed on the seventh day, or the fourteenth, or the twentieth. (Narrated by Al-Tabaraani and Al-Bayhaqi).

Law Aqiqah

Aqiqah legal opinion the most powerful is the Sunnah muakkadah, according to the opinion of the majority of scholars, Imam Malik, Imam Al-Shaafa’i and his companions, Imam Ahmad, Ishaq, Abu Tsaur. Based on the advice of the Prophet and he instantly: “with boys is no aqiqah, then tumpahkan (the Redeemer) from her blood (doomed) and clear therefrom excrement (shaving his hair).” (Narrated by Ahmad, Al: Bukhari and Sunan Ashhabus).

The suggestion was viewed as a command, but instead are mandatory, since there is an obligation that turned his sayings. IE: “whoever among you anyone wants to menyembelihkan for his son, then please do.” (Narrated by Ahmad, Abu Dawood: and An Nasa’i with a hasan isnaad). Words: “want to menyembelihkan,” is the evidence turned command which is basically obliged to be sunnah.

Implementation Time Aqiqah

Basically aqiqah is prescribed to take place on the seventh day of the birth. It is based on a Hadith where the Prophet Samirah said: “a child is bound to aqiqahnya. He was slain on the seventh aqiqah and given the name “. (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi).

When missing and could not be held on the seventh day, he could be held on the 14th day. And if not, then on day 21 or anytime he can afford. And may also carry it out before the seventh day. Here are a few Hadith that can be a reference to:

Abdullah Ibn Buraidah from his father from the Prophet peace and blessings Shallallaahu, he said, which means: “animal aqiqah was killed on the seventh day, to fourteen, and twenty one.” (Hasan Hadeeth Al Baihaqiy).

Malik said: On dzohirnya that shake on day 7 (seven) on the basis of that argument, then if the slaughter on day 4 (four) to 8 (eight), 10 (ten) or after it has been pretty Aqiqah. Because Islam is the principle makes it easy not difficult as Word of Almighty God: “God desires ease for you and placing difficulties for you”. (QS. Al-Baqara: 185)

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The steps how to detect allergies in children

The steps how to detect allergies in children

How to detect food allergies in children

Food allergy often appears in childhood. When the little one suffered allergies, their bodies will react as if a particular food is harmful foreign substances. If an allergic reaction occurs, the body releases certain chemical substances (e.g. histamine) that will cause symptoms like sneezing, gajala colds, coughs, and itching.

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Other symptoms of an allergic reaction

Children who experience allergic reactions may also experience a sense of bloating, abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhea, rash, and swelling. The reaction happened directly after eating food that triggers the allergic, but often appear after several hours or even several days.

When the little one shows symptoms of allergies, the father of the mother should immediately contact a doctor. Allergy diagnosis is not easy because of the above symptoms may be a sign of other health problems.

Even if the symptoms have been diagnosed as allergic reactions, finding foods that have triggered allergies is also not easy. Therefore, your doctor will probably refer the minor to the allergy experts. Here are some steps of diagnosis that may be taken by the allergy experts:
Allergy diagnosis the little step

Elimination Diet

The Elimination Diet is done by eliminating any food allergy triggers an alleged from the little food menu. For several weeks, allergy symptoms will be observed intensively to figure out whether they disappear after the food is removed from the food menu.

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If Yes, these meals will be put back one by one into the order of daily food while watching the little one does an allergic reaction reappear. Thus the food that triggers the allergic reaction on the little one will be known.

Skin and blood tests

How, back skin or hands the little digores, then given a little extract from food that is suspected as the cause of allergy. Allergy experts will observe whether allergic reactions, such as swelling or itching. These tests are considered effective for diagnosing allergies, but validitasnya for diagnosing food allergy is still debated.


Some allergy experts might be doing the tests conducted with the RAST mancampur blood samples with extracts from the alleged food allergens. The observed blood to find out if there are antibodies that are formed in the blood as a reaction to the presence of the substance in the food.
Managing allergies at the fruit of the heart

When the trigger food allergies is already known, the doctor will usually recommend to us to keep the food from the little daily menus. It’s not just food that causes allergies, other food containing such ingredients should also be avoided.

For example, if the little one is allergic to cow’s milk, he should be avoided from eating milk and all its products, as well as foods that contain cow’s milk like cake, kukis, and so on. This may become more difficult when the little one is allergic to certain types of food. However, it remains the preferred health si fruit hearts.

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Also ask the doctor if there are any other foods that trigger food allergies can substitute on the little one in the menu. For example, whether cow’s milk can be substituted with soy or vegetable products containing calcium. Or when the little one is allergic to wheat, if wheat flour can be substituted with corn starch or rice flour.

The fact important concerning diabetes gestational mother was pregnant

The fact important concerning diabetes gestational mother was pregnant

Diabetes gestasional is a condition where blood sugar mother pregnant be high during pregnancy even before the pregnant never been diagnosed diabetic. Diabetes this type generally only happens during pregnancy and will recover after giving birth.
The cause of gestasional

Is that cause it diabetes gestasional? Normally, the blood sugar in the human body is governed by a hormone called insulin. During pregnancy, the production of the hormone esterogen and progesteron increase sharp so that the body become resisten against the hormone insulin. It makes the hormone insulin can’t run for well so blood sugar in the body become high.

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Factor risk

There are a few things that make a mother prone to having diabetes gestasional, namely:

Have a history of being a diabetic before I got pregnant.
Having excess weight before pregnant.
Family has history of diabetic.
Never giving birth to a baby weighing born in over 400 grams (makrosomia).
Aged over 25 years when pregnant.
Women descendants of Southeast Asia and the Middle East have a tendency to a higher suffering from diabetes this type of.

Symptoms of public diabetes gestasional

Most of the women who’ve had diabetes gestational don’t show symptoms special. Some others show mild symptoms, so often be regarded as nuisance health public ordinary happened during the pregnancy. Symptoms-the symptoms are which exhausted, sight blurry, nausea and vomiting, frequent pee, frequent thirst, and menurunnya weight.

Some people consider diabetes gestasional an annoyance to the general public experienced by a pregnant woman, and because of that he’s not bebahaya. However, the disturbance still has to be handled well because it can develop into diabetes melitus type 2 after delivery if not controlled as it should be.

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Tips to control diabetes gestasional during pregnancy

Most pregnant women can control diabetes gestational through the pattern to eat healthy and exercise lightly regularly, and only a small part that needs handling specially, those injections of insulin.

One way to prevent diabetes gestational is with a lot of consume food with a GI (Glycaemic Indexes) is low. Carbohydrates in food are GI low (for example oat, wheat whole, potatoes, and rice chocolate) more slowly absorbed body so that the blood sugar in the body tend to be stable. Besides, mom pregnant need to increase consumption of vegetables and fruit as well as reduce the consumption of food fatty foods and many contain sugar.

About 10% to 20% mother pregnant need injections of insulin to keep the level of blood sugar stays normal. For the woman with diabetes gestasional have to do check up pregnancy routine for monitoring the condition of a baby in the womb, as well as do test blood sugar. Besides, the doctor will probably monitor the growth size of the baby.

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If the size of the baby is too big, maybe the mother will be advised to do the delivery early through a process induksi. During the delivery, the doctor will give injections of insulin and glucose to control the level of blood sugar mother if necessary, and the mother may not eat during the process of childbirth.

If the baby growing too big, he could be stuck on the road to were born so it’s disturbing childbirth. In this case, the thus, the delivery through c-section (operation caesar) is more recommended. However, there’s still a chance the baby develops is not too big so that the delivery can be done by way of normal.